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 Beautiful Garden Apartment #1451

New building, 123 sqm apartment with a 180 sqm garden near the Great Synagogue and Ben Yehuda!

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In The Center Of Town  #1267

A lovely 115 sqm 4 bedroom apartment with expansion options

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Foothold In Tiveria  #1578

Great investment or for your personal use

Small apartments NIS 250,000 - 480,000




1- There is a demand for the Knesset to enact legislation to protect homeowners who own apartments on land leased from the Church. If this affects you, you can communicate with them at

2- KEEP YOUR PASSPORTS - OVERSEAS BUYERS - Make sure that you keep the passport you used when you purchased property in Israel.  Should you decide to sell, having this passport will save you weeks of bureaucratic nightmare that will delay your sale!!

Eiferman Properties Newsletter No. 61 | Shevat 5773, February, 2013
Shalom From Jerusalem

Many clients did not receive this newsletter, we apologize if you are receiving this a 2nd time.

Properties under NIS 2,500,000 = ($666,000 at 3.75)

Properties over NIS 5,700,000 = ($1,520,000 at 3.75)

(Yes, there are many properties between these 2 figures!)

Private Homes with Building Options

The properties featured in this newsletter are a sample of the many properties we are marketing. Some of the properties listed here will not have pictures and are not on our website as requested by the owner or their representative. Additional information is available for the appropriate buyer.

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There are over 100 neighborhoods in Jerusalem. Not sure where a neighborhood is? Click on Jerusalem Map.

Let us know what your real estate needs are. Contact Us. We are available to help you find your home and/or the appropriate investment in Israel.

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Kol Tuv,






Great Location!

Located near the central shopping area in Ramat Eshkol, this is a 4 bedroom, ground floor, 120 sqm garden apartment. One of the 4 bedrooms is a master bedroom with an en suite bathroom. In addition, there are 2 full bathrooms, an elevator, a parking space, a storage room, and is handicap accessible.

Asking Price: NIS 2,450,000



NACHALAT TZADOK Quiet & Bright # 928
Nachlat Tzaddok

Quiet & Bright #928

Great chance to buy in Jerusalem’s most premium neighborhood adjacent to Shaarei Chesed!

This quiet, 2 ½ bedroom apartment has 4 exposures, and is bright and airy with only 6 steps up from the entrance of the building. There is a place for a succah in the adjacent courtyard.

Located at the top of the hill in the heart of Nachlaot Tzadok/Shaarei Chesed, very close to the Gra Shul, Rabbi Wein’s shul, the Great Synagogue and Yeshurun. It is a short walk to the Old City.

Asking Price: NIS 2,480,000


3- CITY CENTER #1019

Great Central Location $361,659
City Center

Great Central Location!

In a great central location, close to Shaarei Chesed, Ben Yehuda and the Old City, this 60+ sqm 2 bedroom apartment is on the 1st floor. There are balconies in the front and back of the apartment. The apartment is ready to be renovated to your liking. The land is freehold.

Asking Price: NIS 1,350,000



A Shaarei Chesed Cute Apartment $375,054

A Shaarei Chesed Cute Apartment!

A cute 44 sqm renovated 1.5-bedroom apartment on the 1st floor in the heart of Shaarei Chesed. Great for a single or a couple. Easy to rent out!

Asking Price: NIS 1,400,000


5- RECHAVIA #1023

Garden Apartment in Rechavia $648,042

A Garden Apartment in Rechavia

A 76 sqm, 2-bedroom lovely renovated garden apartmentin the heart of Rechavia, private and quiet surroundings. Close to the Great Synagogue, hotels and the Old City.

Asking Price: NIS 2,380,000


6- TALBIEH #1016

Newly Renovated Apartment $571,802

Newly Renovated Apartment

Newly renovated, 72 sqm. 2 bedroom apartment. 1 ½ flights up. Light , bright and airy with 3 exposures. Located close to The Great Synagogue, the hotels and the Old City. Available immediately.

Asking Price: NIS 2,150,000


7- TALBIEH #1020

Quiet Garden Apartment $566,356

Quiet Garden Apartment

This 2 bedroom 60 sqm renovated garden apartment has central air conditioning throughout for cooling and heating. One of the 2 bedrooms is a master with an ensuite bathroom. The living room and a bedroom have access to a large garden in use. The apartment is currently rented out at NIS 6,000 per month.

Asking Price: NIS 2,100,000


8- KATAMONIM #1021

Cozy Garden Apartment $422,044

Cozy Garden Apartment!

Located near Old Katamon and the Greek Colony, this is a lovely, 60 sqm, two-bedroom renovated garden apartment in a small building.

Asking Price: NIS 1,500,000


9- OLD KATAMON #1017

Private Entrance Garden Apartment $476,502
Old Katamon

Private Entrance Garden Apartment

This renovated 55 sqm, 2 bedroom apartment with spacious outdoor space is on a quiet street near the Greek Colony & Emek Refaim. One of the bedrooms is a master with an en suite bathroom. The apartment has a private entrance and is wheelchair accessible.

Asking Price: NIS 1,750,000

10- The Ramot Public Tender


11- MORASHA #294

For the Discriminating Buyer! $2,450,000

For the Discriminating Buyer!

A magnificent luxurious 9 room 260+ sqm duplex is finished on a very high standard. Each level has its own entrance. This ideal kosher kitchen has 2 sections, each with its own appliances. The living room & kitchen have unusually high ceilings, enhancing the spaciousness of the apartment. Sunny and bright, with lovely views, there are succah balconies on each level.

This unique duplex can be easily divided into 2 separate apartments. There is a 23 sqm storage room that can be used as an office, or as a guest or rental apartment.

There are 2 parking places and 2 storage rooms.

A 24-hour doorman, elevator, parking, pool, and exercise room in this exclusive building plus the short walk to the Old City and city center make this a No. 1 choice.

Asking Price: $2,450,000



One of a Kind Townhouse #314 $3,500,000
Shaarei Chesed

One Of A Kind Townhouse #314

In the heart of Shaarei Chesed/Rechavia, a magnificent, new 380 sqm 4 storey townhouse. There are 9 rooms, 4 bathrooms, storage room, and a spacious terrace off the living room, perfect for Succot. This special townhouse was finished at the highest standard with many extras and special features. The twin adjacent townhouse can be connected for a home of over 700 sqm.

Asking Price: $3,500,000



A Magnificent Private Home

An architecturally magnificent 5-storey villa on an exclusive street. There are 9 bedrooms, a separate family area, a very spacious LR and DR area + a large library room, internal elevator, large outdoor space, open balconies on each level, private parking for many cars and many more unique extras.

Asking Price: $12,000,000



The Perfect Home $1,700,000
German Colony

The Perfect Home

This 6 bedroom 178 sqm townhouse is the perfect home for a family. Perfectly designed for privacy and has great public areas for a family gathering. The location is very close to Emek Refaim, however, the entrance to this special home is secluded and quiet.

Asking Price: $1,700,000



One Level Penthouse

(The Givat Oranim neighborhood is a continuation of Old Katamon, near the ‘Shteiblach’).

A 420 sqm penthouse on 1 level with a 180 sqm terrace. The 4 exposures allow for an open view of different parts of Jerusalem. The penthouse is in excellent condition, and is light, bright and airy.

The elevator to this floor is private. There are 2 storage rooms that have been combined and can be used as a unit or be kept for storage. There are 3 covered private parking spaces. The roof above is registered to this penthouse.

Asking price: $4,500,000


16- OLD KATAMON #1022

Beautiful Villa $6,000,000
Old Katamon

Beautiful Villa!

A beautiful 470 sqm private villa that combines the original duplex Arab style home with a new 2 storey addition. The LR opens up to a patio and garden for additional entertaining areas. A lovely garden with trees and plants enhances the outdoor area.

In addition, there is a separate 1 room unit that can be used as an office. There is 2 private parking spaces. Preparations have been made for an elevator for this 4 storey home.

Asking Price: $6,000,000






An existing 460 sqm, Arab style building on 2 floors with existing building rights for an additional 2 floors.

Asking Price: $6,700,000


18- BAKA

Located on a very quiet private street, this 295 sqm arab-style house + a 20 sqm studio basement apartment is on a 500 sqm lot on private land.

There are building rights for a total of approximately 500 sqm.

Asking price: $4,300,000




In a beautiful area of the German Colony, is a 380 sqm 3 storey free standing villa. The lot size is 500 sqm which allows for a lovely surrounding garden area. The villa needs to be renovated. The pictures of renovated possibilities.

Asking Price: $5,500,000 = As is + Permit

Asking Price: $8,900,000 = Totally Renovated



Ready to build on an exclusive street, an 800 sqm villa with an additional 560 sqm basement , ideal for a pool, spa and recreation area. The 800 sqm can be divided up into 3 units as well.


1) Asking Price: Land + Permits $9,000,000

2) Renovated on a very high standard by the developer:

Asking Price: Ready to move in $13,000,000


21- OLD CITY #1027

The Prime Old City Location

A cottage on 230 sqm lot in the most desirable prime location in the Old City.

Currently divided into 3 apartments. The price reflects the location.

Prime Old City LocationA cottage on a 230 sqm lot in the most desirable prime location in the Old City. Currently divided into 3 apartments. The price reflects the location.
Asking Price: $8,500,000
Old City Pinchas A cottage on a 230 sqm lot in the most desirable prime location in the Old City. Currently divided into 3 apartments. The price reflects the location.

Asking Price: $8,500,000

Let us know when you are coming in, and we will be happy to set up appointments to show you properties.

Kol Tov,

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