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 Beautiful Garden Apartment #1451

New building, 123 sqm apartment with a 180 sqm garden near the Great Synagogue and Ben Yehuda!

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In The Center Of Town  #1267

A lovely 115 sqm 4 bedroom apartment with expansion options

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Foothold In Tiveria  #1578

Great investment or for your personal use

Small apartments NIS 250,000 - 480,000




1- There is a demand for the Knesset to enact legislation to protect homeowners who own apartments on land leased from the Church. If this affects you, you can communicate with them at

2- KEEP YOUR PASSPORTS - OVERSEAS BUYERS - Make sure that you keep the passport you used when you purchased property in Israel.  Should you decide to sell, having this passport will save you weeks of bureaucratic nightmare that will delay your sale!!






On The Coast
In Jerusalem


1- Vacation Apartment on the Sea #1336

Are you looking for vacation apartment close to the seashore  without worrying about renting it out when you are not using it?

A new beachfront 5 star deluxe condo hotel is being built that is located just steps from the seashore. The hotel will be managed by a known international hotel management company. The overall project consists of commercial areas (shopping and convention center) and hotel suites of various types and sizes.

 Luxurious fully equipped hotel suites, each with balcony overlooking the sea, are offered for sale on a private registry basis with no resale limitations. .

The owner of the suite can use it for up to 90 days a year, where half of the usage period is in the high season (Tishrei holidays \ Passover, two weeks in July and two weeks in August). All the hotel services are fully available during the stay in the hotel ( maid, pool, spa, synagogue, parking etc.)

 During the time that the suite is not used by the owner, it is utilized by the hotel management company. The hotel units are placed in a pool. The owner is entitled to receive 25% of the hotel units proceeds, calculated on daily basis, according to the suite type. In addition, for each of the first two years of hotel operation, there is a guaranteed yield of 5%.

Presale Pricing from NIS 1,730,000 – 3,450,000

Payment terms:

1. 25,000 NIS upon purchase application. (2500 handling fees in case of cancellation)
2. Completion to 7% with the signing of the contract.
3. Completion to 20% with the issuing of bank guarantees.
4. 75% spread linearly up until construction completion.
5. 5% with the delivery.

( Prices in the area of regular apartments in the area are approximately NIS30,000  per sqm in new  buildings.  On a high floor and overlooking the sea it would be more. For ex. An 2 bedroom apartment, about 80 sqm near the sea in a new building will be about NIS 2,300,000 -2,400,000).

If you are in Jerusalem  September 30 – October 1, a representative of the company is available to meet with you.

2-  Presale On The Coast #1340

Not In the Market Yet!!

 In this coastal city, one of the older neighborhoods  will be undergoing a complete renewal and gentrification  with over 1,000 apartments  built in new and modern buildings.

 At this time there is a group purchase for 1 of the buildings. It is a 6 storey building, 34 residential apartments and 4 commercial.

1 bedroom apartment from NIS 1,550,000
2 bedroom  apartment from NIS 1,580,000
Garden apartments from NIS 1.710,000

 3- Lucrative New Project  #1218

 A new hi-end neighborhood is being built in this coastal city with over 5,000 new residential apartments and over 1million sqm of commercial properties.

Located between major highways and the sea and carefully planned out with beautiful  parks and recreation areas.

 4-   Land Purchase in a Coastal City   #1342

1,300 apartments in high rise buildings  will be built in a new project in a coastal city on freehold land.  The land has been approved for residential building.  Schools, parks and commerce will be built to service the residents. Land ownership  entitles the land owner to purchase an apartment.  

 At this time there is an opportunity to join in the purchase of the land at NIS 460,000.                                                                                                                               

After approval of the final plans, the contractor will begin building. The taxes and cost of building is expected to be NIS 900,000 – 1,000,000.


1- Penthouses with Jerusalem View #1338

This new luxury residential tower
is now selling mini penthouses and a magnificent penthouse
 There is 1 very unique & special 389 sqm duplex penthouse with a breath taking  360 degree view of Jerusalem. 
The building has a health spa with 2 pools, & Shabbat elevators.
Close to synagogues, shopping and restaurants, the project is a reasonable walk to the Kotel & hotels.

2- Mini Penthouses with the View #1339

Excellent Opportunity!!
2 very spacious beautiful mini penthouses, a high standard finish, and facing a magnificent open view. 


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