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 Beautiful Garden Apartment #1451

New building, 123 sqm apartment with a 180 sqm garden near the Great Synagogue and Ben Yehuda!

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In The Center Of Town  #1267

A lovely 115 sqm 4 bedroom apartment with expansion options

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Foothold In Tiveria  #1578

Great investment or for your personal use

Small apartments NIS 250,000 - 480,000




1- There is a demand for the Knesset to enact legislation to protect homeowners who own apartments on land leased from the Church. If this affects you, you can communicate with them at

2- KEEP YOUR PASSPORTS - OVERSEAS BUYERS - Make sure that you keep the passport you used when you purchased property in Israel.  Should you decide to sell, having this passport will save you weeks of bureaucratic nightmare that will delay your sale!!



TAMUZ  5776
NEW PROJECTS – Current and Future


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2- We are receiving requests from clients for properties that don’t involve renovations and can accommodate their budget, their cash flow abilities and other personal needs.  Many of our recent sales have been with new projects.

In our search for these properties, we found many good buys and opportunities that we want to share with you.  We decided to devote this newsletter to listing some of them in the Center, South and Western part of the city.

There are new projects that do not appear here, and some not on our website.
For select projects out of Jerusalem – see NL #88c
For projects in different areas of Jerusalem see Israel Real Estate
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There are new projects being built with occupancy in 3 – 18 months in a wide range of prices. The following are a few of the projects that are excellent for residential or investments.

 1- 25 New Apartments #1423
25 apartments on 3 storeys will be added to an existing building. The existing building will be upgraded with an elevator, balconies, and refaced with new modern external stone facing.

The 2-4 bedroom apartments range in size from 67-125 sqm and are creatively designed. Some of the apartments could be divided into 2 small units in the future.
Prices range from NIS 1,420,000 - 2,420,000.

2- Boutique Building  #1422
8 apartments  will be built on 2 storeys that will be added to an existing building. The existing building will be upgraded with an elevator, balconies, and new modern external stone facing.

The 8 apartments are 3 bedrooms are 85- 106 sqms. Prices range from NIS 1,662,500 - 2,023,500.
There are two 2 bedroom apartments on the ground floor - 67 sqm. Prices are NIS 1,425,000 & NIS NIS 1,472,500

3- Stunning Penthouse  #1434
200 sqm built on one level with two 32 sqm terraces facing a magnificent view. 
PLUS- 2 parking places + a storage room in a luxury building makes this a #1 home!!!!
Asking Price NIS 6,500,000

4- Penthouse With A Private  Pool  #1433
This magnificent 180 sqm penthouse on 1 level is on the top floor of a luxury building. In addition to the 25 sqm terrace on the main floor, the 90 sqm roof terrace has a 5 x 8 sqm private pool.
Asking Price NIS 9,500,000

5- Fabulous Luxury Penthouse  #1432
Only 4 penthouses-160 sqm + 80 sqm roof terrace are left in this luxury new project. The buildings are only 4 storeys high facing a magnificent mountain view!
2 parking spots and a storage room are included.
Prices range from NIS 4,900,000-NIS 5,100,000

6- New Duplex  Penthouse  #1254
A luxurious duplex penthouse 172 sqm (89 +83 sqm) built with a 70 sqm terrace + 2 other balconies.
Currently the internal layout can be designed to the buyer’s requirements to be finished with a high standard technical specification.  DON'T miss this opportunity!!
Close walking distance to Emek Refaim and the 'Steiblich'.
Occupancy in March 2017
Asking Price NIS 7,750,000

7- Special Sale  #1438
Excellent Location - Excellent Prices!! - Only 14 apartments left in a new building with 32 apartments.
3 Bedrooms - 80-112 sqm from NIS 2,150,000 - NIS 2,520,000 !
4 Bedrooms - 115-121 sqm NIS 2,600,000 - NIS 2,700,000
The apartments have parking and storage rooms.
Israeli citizens could qualify for a 75% mortgage.  Foreign buyers – 50 -60% mortgage.

8- Amazing Apartment!  #1364
Special opportunity for a limited time:
This AMAZING apartment with a 3 meter ceiling has magnificent view of Jerusalem, including the Old City, from the balcony. The high standard finish includes A/C & underfloor heating. The price includes parking and a storage room.
Only NIS 2,250,000!!!!!!
Building will be completed in about 6 months. Excellent payment terms!

9- PRESALE - Top Of The Line  #1308
Most luxurious new project – a total of 22 apartments in 5 buildings  (4 storeys)
From 120 – 320 sqm, each apartment  with at least a 30 sqm balcony, facing an open and green view.
Prices for the penthouse and garden apartments are $22,000 sqm .

10- Fabulous View    #1332
New apartments ranging in size from 145 sqm - 200 sqm. with a magnificent view from the succah balconies. The building has a shabbat elevator. Parking and storage room are included in the price. Prices range from NIS 3,500,000 - 5,220,000.


There are many new projects waiting for approval that are not yet in the market.  Occupancy for those would be 1 ½ -3 years once the plans are approved and the license to build is received.  We have so far, information on at least 8 of these forthcoming projects. The following are a few selected future projects. Please contact us for your specific search.

a- Classy and Luxurious  #1444
A very high end project. The apartments will range between 85- 200 sqm.  From the 3rd floor, there is a view to the Old City.
Prices will be approximately NIS 27,000 sqm depending on the type of apartment and location in the building. 

b- New Project in Talpiot  #1413
Group Purchase
New residential project close to Baka, only 16 apartments.
The 2-3 bedroom apartments are NIS 400,000 lower than the current market prices.
A 2 bedroom apartment starts at NIS 1,500,000,
A 3 bedroom apt starts at NIS 2,200,000.
The penthouses and the garden apartments are at NIS 700,000 less then market price!

c- New Duplex Penthouses  #1439
12- 14 new duplex penthouses of 140+ sqm will be built.

d-Luxury At Its Best # 1009
In the City Center, an ultra luxury 1st class apartment building will be built with 1st class service.  Only 2 apartments on a floor, each 165 sqm. Parking and storage room included in the price.
There is a view to the Old City from the building.
The prices range from $22,000 and up per sqm and floor.
Kol Tuv,



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