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IYAR 5778

APRIL 2018


1- There is a demand for the Knesset to enact legislation to protect homeowners who own apartments on land leased from the Church. If this affects you, you can communicate with them at

2- KEEP YOUR PASSPORTS - OVERSEAS BUYERS - Make sure that you keep the passport you used when you purchased property in Israel.  Should you decide to sell, having this passport will save you weeks of bureaucratic nightmare that will delay your sale!!


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Cottage With A Pool & Sauna  #1168
Located close to Talbieh and Emek Refaim.
A truly beautiful and comfortable home for the special family!

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Exquisite Villa  #1288 

On private land, this beautiful building is on 3 levels      


 Jerusalem Suburban Town #1419

Just 20 minutes from Jerusalem, a religious and secular community offers a range of housing from semi -detached homes to apartments -garden, penthouses and everything in between.



Overlooking the Kinneret Lake  #1406

NEW PROJECT NOT TO BE MISSED!!!  3-4 bedrooms with a succah balcony, parking and storage room facing the Kinneret. Sizes  range from 100- 130 sqm.  Balconies from 11- 102 sqm. Amazing prices from NIS 850,000- 1,250,000.



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