NEWSLETTER #131   More Opportunities
AV  5779
AUGUST  2019


RESALE  – New Listings

We continue to have many amazing great properties to share with you.  We are highlighting a few. Our website,  will have many more additional properties and new projects for you to consider as a home for yourself or as an investment in Jerusalem and in other cities.  We have a separate section for rentals as well.

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 Eiferman Realty Ltd is member of the Jerusalem Multiple Listing Agencies – Shiran, (where agencies share their exclusive listings with other member agencies) and the Chamber of Real Estate Brokers.

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 Last week for these Special Prices
1a – New and Immediate!  #1724
If you want a new apartment with all the conveniences such as:
Shabbat elevator, exercise room, private parking, storage room, nearby health club, a pool, sauna and spa –
within an affordable budget and comfortable payment terms and neighbors in the community that speaks your language – this is for you.
Special additional discounts to our clients from prices listed below until August 31, 2019 with special payment terms. 15% at contract, 85% by December 31, 2019.
Prices: 4 rooms – 92-96 sqm NIS 2,370,000 – 2,900,000
        5 rooms – 113 sqm  NIS 2,850,000 – 3,250,000
        Penthouse – 137 sqm NIS 6,700,000
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1b- PRESALE – Top Of The Line  #1308
A new small project is currently being built in one of the most desired Jerusalem neighborhoods and a short walk to the Old City.
The apartments being sold now range from 150 sqm to 330 sqm with succah balconies, parking and storage rooms. There is an option now to purchase an apartment in a shell state and finish it through your private contractor or by the developer. There will be a pool, spa and synagogue on the premises. Occupancy is expected within 2 years.
Shell state: $13,000 sqm
Completed: $19,000-23,000 sqm
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1- PRESALE: Classy Project  #1709
New exclusive residential project in the western part of the city, presenting the perfect combination of location, quality and luxury. The concept of the project is to be a picturesque, intimate pastoral neighborhood surrounding a tranquil inner courtyard.
PRICES: 3 Rooms-80 & 91 sqm, NIS 2,700,000 -3,490,000
 4 Rooms -109 sqm NIS 3,308,000-3,890,000
 5 Rooms-126 sqm NIS 4,587,000
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2- New in the City Center  #1719
A new project with all units 2 rooms (‘modular’ design) with balconies.
Sizes range from  40 – 50.35 meters.
The modular design allows for two units to be combined, roughly a 90 sqm apartment.
The residential apartments are on floors 5-9.
Prices: NIS 2,090,000 – 2,409,000
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3- Well-Designed Project  #1587
A beautiful new project that is almost sold out. All apartments have parking. All apartments have a succah balcony. The 4+ rooms also have a storage room included in the price.
3 bedroom apartments are 102 sqm with a 10 sqm balcony.
Price:NIS 3,000,000
4 bedroom apartments are 131 sqm with an 8 sqm balcony.
Price:NIS 3,900,000
Penthouse – 200 sqm with a 90 sqm terrace.
Price: NIS 6,600,000
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4- KIRYAT YOVEL – Investment Opportunity
Good Investment  #1718
If you are looking for a apartment to buy as a foothold in Jerusalem, this Tama 38 project is in a community that is fast growing with many young couples looking to rent.
The developer is adding 2 storeys to a totally upgraded building.  10 apartments of 20 are still available.
Apartment sizes are 66, 75 & 77 sqm.
Succah balcony sizes are- 10 and 11.5 sqm.
Prices :1,678,000, 1,764,000, 1,815,000 
The storage room is purchased separately.
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1-Talbieh Opportunity   #1706
On Chovevei Tzion, an apartment that is in an ideal location, bright, sunny and airy. Needs to be renovated to your taste. On private land. Great potential!!
Serious Seller
Asking Price: NIS 2,300,000 flexible
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2- Romema
Exceptional  Apartment  #1713
In a new building, this 137 sqm apartment was specially designed and upgraded to a very high standard with many extras.
The succah balcony can comfortably seat 12.
A big plus is that there are 2 apartments side by side for sale.  Great for families to buy together or to combine for a 274 sqm apartment.
A truly must see to appreciate!!
Asking Price: $1,250,000
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3-Lovely Apartment! Great Price!!  #1723
In a new occupied building, this 126 sqm apartment is open to a lovely view, airy and full of sunshine.
Asking Price: NIS 3,290,000
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4- Magnificent Villa  #1435
A magnificent home on 3 levels built to the highest standard with an open mountain view.
The 150 sqm lower level has a patio and large garden area.
The middle level is 130 sqm with a large outdoor area.  The upper level is 50 sqm.  Each level has its own entrance. 
There is an elevator from the ground to the 1st floor and private parking.
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4- Great Garden Apartment  #1716
With entrances from Shlav Aleph and Shlav Bet, this lovely 125 sqm apartment has a very spacious kitchen and a wrap around garden that is ideal for children and entertaining guests.
Asking Price: NIS 3,500,000
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Beautiful and New #1361
This beautiful new garden apartment is bright and airy.  The kitchen is fully equipped with all appliances. The rest of the apartment is not furnished.
Located close to the Great Synagogue, hotels, shopping, and a short walk to the Old City. The apartment has private parking and a storage room.
Rental Fee: $3,500
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