TAMUZ 5780
JULY 2020


1- Want to buy but can’t come?

Some of our clients who want to purchase properties have asked us to be their eyes and legs for them. We send pictures and videos plus a live walk through the apartment with them, including the building and street. Family and friends that are in Israel have been helpful in checking out the apartment as well.
Some lawyers will also physically see the apartment, and of course, an engineer is sent to check out what cannot be seen with the eye in the apartment and the condition of the building as well. 
We are available to do whatever is needed if you feel comfortable with this option.

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2- Although the local population has been very active in purchasing, serious sellers in the neighborhoods that are preferred by overseas buyers are feeling their absence and are open to reasonable offers to close a sale. This is a buyer’s market and very good opportunity that should not be wasted. There are many more properties in addition to those listed here that are on our website and previous newsletters. Let us know what you are looking for and your budget.
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Due to technical problems and ‘it’s about time’, we are revamping our website and would like your input as the website is for you. We have our list and would like feedback from you as to what you want to see on our website. Please send us your list. Feedback

Eiferman Realty Ltd is member of the Jerusalem Multiple Listing Agencies Shiran, (where agencies share their exclusive listings with other member agencies) and the Chamber of Real Estate Brokers.

Please click on the link for more detailed property information on our website. The listed prices are flexible.

1- Unique and Charming  #1765
65 sqm 2 bedroom apt. full of sunshine and high ceilings!
Great location!

Price: NIS 2,390,000 
Serious Seller!

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2- Exceptional Apartment  #1776 
One of a kind!! A WOW 114 sqm apartment!
Building has permit for elevator.
Serious Seller!

Price: NIS 4,350,000

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3- Duplex With Extras #1742
A 135 sqm duplex family home + private 70 sqm attached roof + building rights. Perfect location in the heart of Old Katamon!
Serious Seller!

Price: NIS 4,800,000

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Located near the future new Betzalel campus and surrounded by many new projects.  An excellent place for renting out the property. Prices are expected to rise in this area within the next few years!
A- In The Center Of Town  #1267
115 sqm, 4 bedrooms currently rented out to students.
Price: NIS 3,290,000 
Serious Seller!

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B- Spacious and bright 2 room apartment
Quiet, 3rd floor, fully renovated, 2 open balconies
The apartment is rented.

Price: NIS 1,730,000 

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Elegant and Spacious  #1746 
Renovated 140 sqm apartment! 
Serious Seller!

Price: $1,780,000

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Comfortable 2 Bedroom Home #1804
In a new building, this 82 sqm 2 bedroom home has a very high ceiling in the spacious living area with lots of light and air and an open view.  The succah + a storage room makes this a perfect choice. The building has a shabbat elevator.
Price: NIS 3,050,000 
Serious Seller!

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A very spacious and comfortable 85 sqm 3 room apartment with 1.5 bathrooms in very good condition. 
Lots of sun and light with large windows and an open view
The apartment has a storage room and private parking. 
The building has 2 elevators (one for Shabbat), a swimming pool, gym, and 24/7 security services.
Leased for another 100 years.

Price: NIS 3,450,000 
Serious Seller!

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Live the Dream   #1768
Stunning scenery, advantages of the country with conveniences of the city. 
Price: NIS 2,490,000 
Serious Seller!

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In the Heart of Tel Aviv  #1779
Excellent exclusive location – New project with a building approval, 22 apartments total.  LAST 5 apartments left!
A- 4 apartments – 2 rooms, 55-57 sqm + 5 sqm balcony. The ground floor apartment has a 9 sqm courtyard.
Price: NIS 2,640,000 – ground floor
            NIS 3,300,000 – 3,340,000

B- Penthouse – 5 rooms – 118 sqm + 29 sqm balcony + 69 sqm roof terrace with a pool. 
Price: NIS 11,800,000

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There are different kinds of projects being built in Jerusalem and the differences are important for you to know. The following is general information. There can be differences in neighborhoods and with specific buildings. Details on building rights and the procedure would be through an architect and engineer.
1- TAMA 38 national master city plan project is meant to create earthquake proof buildings with reinforcement of the foundations against earthquakes that would include improvements with replacement of the sewage and water infrastructures. This project is part of a process in which the building will be brought up to date on all relevant standards in the construction industry and accordingly, the property values will be significantly raised. As a result, some neighborhoods are becoming gentrified and the process gives neighborhoods a more refreshed and modern look.
The contractors that are involved in the TAMA 38 projects are granted the rights to sell all the additional apartments added on to the building plus many more benefits that make it worthwhile for them to take on this project.

There are 2 kinds of TAMA 38 projects.
 a- An existing building will have its foundations strengthened, existing apartments will be expanded, balconies added, elevator installed and a major facelift done to the building.  All this at no expense to the owners.  In return, the contractor will be adding usually 2 floors to the roof of the building and have the rights to sell the apartments added.
Completion usually is between 1-2 years. Sometimes residents can continue to live in their apartments.

 b- Evacuation and Reconstruction-. This allows the developer to replace old housing complexes and their outdated infrastructures by a number of new apartment buildings (depending on the size of the lot,) with modern and innovative infrastructures: communications, electricity, water supply, and sewage systems.  The owners will be given an allowance to cover a rental until the building is finished. Depending on the size of the project, the construction can take up to 3 years.
2- Neighborhood Rezoning – The municipality may decide to rezone a neighborhood and add building rights to the buildings (with exceptions). An example is Rechavia. The use of the additional building rights is a private endeavor and the building expenses are divided among the owners.
Some of the rezoning can include TAMA 38 projects.

3- Building Rights – A building may have the option to increase the sqm of their building on their lot.  This is a private endeavor and the building expenses are divided among the owners. At his time, public areas such as a garden or roof may be registered as private, belonging to a specific apartment upon consent of all the owners. 

As Jerusalem has many new projects, we are presenting select projects in a few of the neighborhoods.  Let us know which neighborhoods you are interested in and we will let you know about the new projects in that area. Contact Us 
Many projects have been marketed for a while and a majority of the apartments have been sold. The availability of apartments listed here is not a given as the Israel real estate market is very active and availability may have changed. When you Contact Us, please specify which property or project you are referring to.
Newsletter #143 will have additional projects.

1- Construction has begun on this new project, on a quiet street, a short walking distance to Talbieh, Kiryat Shmuel and the German Colony. The building has a shabbat elevator and private parking for each apartment. The following 5 apartments are still available.
   A- 4 rooms  92-95 sqm with a succah balcony, 
 Prices: Range NIS 3,550,000 – NIS 3,850,000  Only 3  available!
   B- Mini penthouse – 3 rooms, 66 sqm with a 30 sqm roof terrace. 
 Price: NIS 2,980,000
    C- Garden apartment – 4 rooms, 90 sqm with a 18 sqm private garden. 
 Price: NIS 3,890,000
Occupancy: April 2022
Plans upon request

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2- New project with 22 apartments and 2 entrances
2 apartments available

     A – 4 rooms, 87 sqm + 16 sqm succah

          Price: NIS 3,100,000 5 th floor
     B – Penthouse – 5 rooms, 118 sqm + 60 sqm terrace 6th floor 
           Price: NIS 4,600,000
Occupancy 6 months 

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3- New building with 10 apartments
Available: 4 rooms, 96 sqm + 14 succah
Immediate occupancy, parking

NIS 3,600,000
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4- New project with 10 apartments
Available: 1 Penthouse – 140 sqm + 110 terrace, 1 level
whole floor
Option for a pool
Occupancy 3 months

Price: NIS 6,000,000,  6,200,000 w/pool
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5- New Project with 26 apts

     A- Penthouse – 170 sqm + 30 sqm terrace
     B- Beautiful spacious 5 room apartment. 2 of the bedrooms have en suite bathrooms 
High technical specifications, modern design
3 air exposures, breathtaking view!
Private parking
Occupancy 7 months

Price: NIS 6,400,000
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A Good Choice  #1807
Brand new 2, 4 & 5 room apartments are available in this development as well as penthouses with breathtaking views. Each unit offers outdoor space, open views and high standard technical specifications. The building features a beautiful lobby, shabbat elevator and private parking.
1- 2 room apartments – 55 – 63 sqm, Balconies –  5 sqm and 14 sqm
Price range: NIS 1,900,000 – 2,100,000
2- 2 Penthouses –
     A- 4 rooms, 98 sqm balcony 87 sqm NIS 3,945,040
     B- 4 rooms , 99 sqm, 89 sqm balcony NIS 3,989,840

3- 5 room apartments – 122-127 sqm, balconies 5-9 sqm
Price: NIS 3,436,675 – 3,616,938
Occupancy:2 years

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New Project of 15 apartments
Available: 2 apartments

1– 4 rooms, 93 sqm + 10 sqm succah Parking, machsan
 Price: NIS 4,250,000
2- Penthouse – 1 level 210 sqm + 240 sqm balconies
    Pool, 2 parking places, storage
    Ceiling height 4.5 mtr
Occupancy 6 months

Price: NIS 15,000,000
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1- The entire top floor (5th floor) 118 sqm penthouse + 140 sqm balcony that surrounds the apartment and adds to the living space of this home. Full of light and airy with 4 air exposures. Spacious living and dining room  and comfortable size bedrooms.
Direct elevator into the apartment. 2 parking spots and a storage room.

Price: NIS 7,900,000
Occupancy March 2021

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2- Located in Jerusalem’s prestigious Greek Colony neighborhood, near Old Katamon, the German Colony and Baka , a 20 minute walk to the Old City. This luxurious modern building has a total of 28 apartments, new luxurious lobby, close circuit intercom system, 2 beautiful shabbat elevators and private parking.
Occupancy: September 2021.
LAST apartment left: 4 Bedrooms, 113 sqm + 10 sqm balcony, MB ensuite, facing south east. 

Price: NIS 4,100,000 

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1- New project with 28 new apartments
Available: 4 duplex penthouses, 4 rooms, 105 sqm,
Terraces 29-50 sqm
Available Immediately 
Payment up to 6 month

Price: NIS 2,900,000 – 3,050,000
The model apartment is for sale

Price: NIS 3,000,000 with all appliances and furniture

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2- New Project with 22 new apartments
The building has 2 entrances
There are 6 apts available:

     A- Three 4 room apartments, 107 sqm + 10 sqm succah
          Price: NIS 3,345,000

     B-  Penthouses 
           1- 127 sqm + 45 terrace. On 1 level, 5th floor
                Price: NIS 4,800,000
            2- 180 sqm + 45 sqm terrace
1 parking place
Price: NIS 6,300,000
Occupancy 14 months

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New and Exciting Project  #1653
A new exciting project which includes luxurious apartments of all sizes and magnificent penthouses. The project includes two main buildings.
The units are designed in a very modern and luxurious fashion.  Much time and professionalism was invested in each and every unit.
The building plan includes storage rooms and parking for each unit.
3, 4, & 5 room apartments, garden and penthouse apartments are currently for sale. 
Located a short distance from San Simon
Price: NIS 1,500,000 for the 1 bedroom, 44 sqm apartments
           NIS 2,200,000 for the 2 bedroom, 77 sqm apartments
           NIS 2,550,000 for the 3 bedroom, 94 sqm apartments
           NIS 3,720,000 – 5,550,000 for the 4 bedroom  apartments.  132- 165 sqm – including 2 penthouses

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A popular Anglo neighborhood with all age residents is currently undergoing extensive development. This has become a very popular rental neighborhood to young couples whose husbands are in Kollel in the various yeshivot. 
1- Boutique Project  #1805 
A unique project with just 2 out of the 6 units left for sale. The apartments are all meticulously planned and built with high standard specifications. Private parking and storage rooms are available for each unit. 
     A- 100 sqm, 4 room apartment on the 4th floor 

Price: NIS 2,800,000
     B- 135 sqm, 5 room apartment on the 5th floor 

Price: NIS 3,752,000
Occupancy – 2 years

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2-Centrally Located #1812  
This project is located in the heart of the Ramat Eshkol residential area 
that has 3 entrance, a total of 30 apartments.

Available – 2 apartments – on the 5th and 6th floor
5 rooms, 116 sqm + 12 sqm succah
These are corner apartments with 3 air exposures
The apartment has a machsan. 
The building has a shabbat elevator. Parking in the building parking lot.
Occupancy in 6 months 

Price: NIS 3,000,000

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3- You Have A Choice! #1806
This project is 2 separate buildings currently under construction. Occupancy in 18 months!
Each building has a shabbat elevator and most apartments have a succah balcony.

     A- 10 apartments – 104-107 sqm, 4 rooms on the fourth and fifth floor.

Price: NIS 2,700,000 – NIS 2,800,000.
     B- 10 Apartments of 120-125 sqm,5 rooms with succah balconies. 

Price: NIS 3,000,000 – NIS 3,200,000.
     C- 8 Penthouses – 80-90 sqm + large terraces of 80 sqm on the sixth floor.  
Price: NIS 3,000,000 – NIS 3,600,000

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More projects in the next newsletter – Stay tuned